Victor is a native born Californian. 

He graduated from UCLA; BA Geography. 

As a successful lifelong self-directed value investor and family portfolio manager, I have comprehensive knowledge of finance, CDs, bonds, treasuries, and other types of city investments in accordance with State and Federal laws that provide safety, liquidity, and yield.  

As your current City Treasurer, I am responsible for safeguarding the City’s money and investments.  Oceanside was fortunate to have a City Treasurer named Rosemary Jones for 16 years who safeguarded the peoples’ money, and she was hailed a Hero.   

I will continue in that tradition and protect your money!  

Oceanside needs good leaders like her who work for the greater good of our City, and who exemplify independent judgment.  I am that leader.

He has traveled extensively worldwide, and has lived in New Zealand, Australia, Samoa, Mexico, Costa Rica, Switzerland, Greece, Israel, Canada, and Morocco.  He has also visited many other wonderful places like Hawaii, Alaska, Japan, and Thailand.

Victor, a native born Californian is bi-lingual in English and Spanish.  Hola! mis amigos y amigas.